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Our approach to wellbeing is different. Combining virtual reality technology with positive psychology,we work to build your resilience by playing to your strengths and providing 'interventions' to address areas which you want to improve.

Through blending technology and positive psychology we have produced interventions which use the benefits of neuroplasticity to actively help people change their ‘in-the-moment’ responses. Through active engagement in our programmes people are able to respond effectively to threatening situations, solve problems and manage their stress and anxiety so they don’t have ‘knee jerk’ reactions.

Positive psychology interventions strengthen humans’ cooperative and collaborative instincts so that people ‘look out for each other’ and support each other to do the right thing.

This positive impact gives you a life that is happier, healthier and as a result more productive. These are all scientifically proven results from the application of positive psychology

Our work is based on the latest scientific research into resilience including findings from positive psychology.

Positive psychology is the study of the positive aspects of human nature such as well-being, happiness and flourishing.  In the words of its founder Martin Seligman it is the:

scientific study of optimal human functioning [that] aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive”.

Up until now it has been very difficult to tackle issues of belief system and thinking with old methods focusing on fixing what doesn’t work. People are naturally resistant to being told that there’s something wrong with them and that they need to change their behaviour.

Positive psychology offers a radical new approach. By focusing on what makes people happy and what contributes to their well-being and flourishing, people want to learn and practice what is on offer. Once they see the result for themselves it is remarkable how quickly the new ways take root. The reduction in stress levels and the improvement in relationships and cooperation means that you have the opportunity to have a good life.

Combining this with the effects that Virtual Reality, that has been proven to reduce stress, manage anxiety and improve performance gives you a framework for happy living, and a way to create your optimum and personal best.

If you want to:

  • improve your personal performance in work or in sport
  • manage your stress, anxiety or depression
  • recover from a traumatic experience
  • understand what you want to do next in life
  • manage your weight

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