Welcome to MiracleWorks Coaching and thank you for visiting my site.  I work as a business and personal coach to help corporations, individuals, families ( including our animal family) become resilient to life stresses, and perform their best.

I have a background in Education, Coaching and Technology. I combine the science of positive psychology and virtual reality to present a unique coaching offer, so you can have a good life.

A good life, for me, is defined by your character strengths and your value system. I value simple things in life, feeling safe and secure, good food, company of family,friends and animals.

Compassion, Forgiveness, Loving-Kindness is what helps us get there, and are embedded in the principles of MiracleWorks Coaching, giving you that hopeful path to happiness.

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Shireen xxx

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Shireen Walton-MiracleWorks Coach and Founder

Msc Positive Psychology Coaching, Msc in Information Technology, PGCE, BA( Hons) Politics, History, International Relations