Train to be a MiracleWorks Coach

MiracleWorks Coaching offers an on line accredited course for those who want to set up their own coaching practice.

Become a MiracleWorks Coach!

A premier training service for professional wellbeing coaches


9 month accredited course in Miracle Works Coaching

Please join us in our online accredited course that gives you the background, skills and techniques you need to become a MiracleWorks Coach.

Our training is based on the science of positive psychology, giving you access to the latest thinking, so that you can offer a premier service to your clients.

MiracleWorks 9 months Accredited Coaching Course @ £1650

This can be paid in monthly instalments. Early bird offers available. (all courses are non-refundable after 14 days from initial purchase)

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching
    • Foundation in Positive Psychology
    • Foundation in Coaching Skills
  • Positive Psychology
    • Positive Psychology Interventions- Part 1
    • Positive Psychology Interventions- Part 2
  • Positive Psychology Dissertation (3500 words)
  • Positive Psychology coaching log (6 clients)
  • Positive Psychology practical coaching¬† - 12 hours
  • Positive Psychology Viva

We also give you:

  • Business coaching
  • Build your website and online presence
  • Support you in developing your own online course
  • Continued professional development throughout your professional coaching career

Our first set of students graduated in September 2018, and one of our students recently opened her practice in Harley Street!

Our next course starts in January 2020. Look out for early bird offers!

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